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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Microsoft Motion Framework - Introducing Business Capabilities

A revolution in enterprise architecture is underway. Check out the new Microsoft Motion Framework - a stunning new methodology for building business solutions that can be more easily described, take better advantage of infrastructure, and use service-orientation.

Watch the channel9 video - Microsoft gets down to business with Motion initiative - and marvel at business capability maps. As Ric Merrifield explains, a map of business capabilities - the "what" rather than the "how" - can inform business acquisitions and mergers, better describe your IT requirements, and empower service-orientation. Additional interviews with Ric are here and here.

Read the article - A Business-Oriented Foundation for Service Orientation - which then discusses how to build a map. The modeling process is also described in this presentation from the Microsoft Architect Insight Conference, and in the article Service-Oriented Modeling for Connected Systems in The Architecture Journal - Issue 7.

The rabbit hole continues with the complementary notion of Infrastructure Capabilties. It describes how business capabilties can, as Ric suggests, be mapped to infrastructure capabilties. The interesting Windows Server System Reference Architecture is also mentioned.

Ric's map bears such a wonderful resemblance to the Team System Distributed System Designers. I can only hope that the VS platform will in the future support business capability mapping. In the meantime I would love a chance to employ the Microsoft Services team!

Update: Oddur provides more details in this blog post - note the comment regarding the availability of docs. The Architecture Journal has a related article called Service-Oriented Business Intelligence.


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